Research lab consumables

Products in vitro use only
  • cell culture media
  • culture bags
  • bovin serum albumin (BSA): lyophilized or in solution (Standard grade , BSA sodium azide, DNAse  free, low endotoxin, low salts, low hormones, fatty acid free, low calcium, Immunoglobuling G free, polymerized, protease free, pH5, immuno-hematology,…)
  • bovin serum or plasma
  • fœtal calf serum (FCS)
  • porcine serum albumin : lyophilized
  • bovin fibrinogen
  • rabbit serum
  • rabbit serum drifted
  • human serum albumin  (HSA)
  • huma serum or plasma
  • red cells extracts or red cells concentrates
  • platelets extracts or platelets concentrates
Provision of
  • monoclonal antibodies production
  • polyclonal antibodies production
  • other services (purification antibodies, labelling, ridding, antibodies coupling and peptid synthesis)
Small hardware for labs
with punctual different partners

  • monocanal and multicanal mechanical pipettes + consumables : cones, filters
  • monocanal and multicanal electronic + consumables : cones , filters
  • mechanical and electronic pipetors, reagents dispenser, microwells washer
  • pipette maintenance of all brands
  • others materials: accuracy scares, viscometers, …